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Alba Branch, Celtic League

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Clicibh an seo airson a' Ghàidhlig

(Please note: We are completely unrelated to Celtic FC, the Celtic League rugby tournament and any other sporting organisations)

Scotland/Alba is one of the three Gaelic nations. Deprived of self-government by the Act of Union in 1707, Scotland is progressing towards regaining its sovereignty with the re-establishment of the devolved Scottish Parliament after a popular vote.

We campaign for Scotland's right to choose independence, its Gŗidhlig language and also on various other human rights, political and environmental issues.

Aims & Objectives/Amasan & Cinn-uidhe

The fundamental aim of the Celtic League is to contribute, as an international organisation, to the struggles of the six Celtic nations to secure or win their political, cultural, social and economic freedom. This includes:

* Fostering co-operation between the Celtic peoples.

* Developing the consciousness of the special relationship and solidarity between them.

* Making our national struggles and achievements better known abroad.

* Campaigning for a formal association of Celtic nations to take place once two or more of them have achieved self-government.

* Advocating the use of the national resources of each of the Celtic countries for the benefit of all its people.

Membership is open to all, provided they agree with our aims and objectives, regardless of their background, i.e. gender, age, creed, race etc. If you live outside Scotland itself, however, you might want to consider joining the branch nearest to you.

We consider the Celtic countries to be:
* Alba/Scotland * Breizh/Brittany * Cymru/Wales
* Eire/Ireland * Kernow/Cornwall * Ellan Vannin/The Isle of Mann

(See map, top right)


New & upcoming / Naidheachdan


* News about the upcoming Celtic League AGM, to be held in Scotland this Summer.


* An duilleag seo sa Ghŗidhlig (Gŗidhlig version coming soon)


* March 29 - TrŠ LŪ 2005 Pan-Celtic festival to be held in Ireland, see links page.


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Celtic League main site

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Snail-mail Address:

Contact us, c/o

Mr. Iain Ramsay
22 Denholme Gardens
PA16 8RF
Telephone/Fon: 01475 785843

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