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1 - Fiosrachaidh Ionadail/Local travel information

2 - Fiosrachaidh eadar-naiseanta/Long distance & International Information



Map of the Isle of Skye showin main road and connections to the mainland

Skye Bridge/An Drochaid


Kyle to Kyleakin, open 24 hours

Caol Lochaillse-Caolacain, 24 u.



Cal-Mac Ferry/Bta-aiseig Cal-Mac:

Eadar Malaig is Armadal (lethuair a thde)

Tha aiseagan Cal-Mac cuideachd a' seladh s Uibhist a Tuath agus na Hearadh a dh'ige ann an ceann a tuath an Eilein Sgitheanaich.

Mallaig to Armadale - 30 minute crossing

Calmac also run ferries from North Uist and Harris to Uig in the north of Skye.
Tel: +44 (0)8705 650 000

Kylerhea Ferry/Aiseag Chaol Reatha
Eadar Gleann Eilg is Caol Reatha - (turas 5 mionaid)
A' seladh bhon Chisg chun an Dmhair

Glenelg to Kylerhea - 5 minute crossing, Easter to October
Tel: +44 (0)1599 511 302



A' siubhal dhan th Leathann gach latha, Inbhir Nis agus Glaschu
Daily bus service to Broadford, from Inverness and Glasgow


Seirbheis s an th Leathann
Local bus service from Broadford



Seirbheisean 1) eadar Inbhir Nis is an Caol, agus 2) Glaschu a Mhalaig
Rail service from 1) between Inverness and Kyle of Lochalsh, and 2) Glasgow to Mallaig (West Highland Line)

Local Taxis - Tacsaidhean san sgire

Nicholson Private Hire, Sleat Donaidh MacNeacail, Slite

Tel: 01471 338 844   


Mob: 07899 952 403

Waterloo Private Hire, Broadford/An


Tel: 01471 822 630


Kyleakin Taxis, Caolacain

Tel: 01599 534 452


Kyle [of Lochalsh] Taxi Co. Tel: 01599 534 323


N.B.: The dark blue text above - for Scotrail etc, includes links, and you can find relevant time tabling information there.

Cairt na h-Alba/Map of Scotland showing Skye

skye map and scottish highlands

In some cases, budget services may be available e.g. Aer Arann, Ryanair, Easyjet & BMI Baby etc. Please check with individual airlines.
The nearest international airport is at Inverness, which has flights to various London airports, as well as Birmingham, Manchester, Edinburgh, Glasgow & Stornoway. From Inverness it is possible to get a rail connection to Kyle of Lochalsh, or buses to Broadford on Skye.
However, Glasgow, Edinburgh and Prestwick* have many more air connections.
(For first time travellers, Prestwick is not to be recommended due to being quite far from Glasgow and onward connections, but still has cheap flights available. ) It is possible to get trains from Glasgow to Mallaig, & both Edinburgh and Glasgow to Kyle of Lochalsh (change at Inverness) as well as buses to Skye itself.
Glasgow airport has services from:
Belfast (x4), Birmingham (x2), Bristol (x2), Cork, Derry, Dublin, Exeter, Ronaldsway (IOM x2), Leeds, London (numerous), Manchester, Paris, Plymouth, and many others including places in North America.
Edinburgh airport has services from:
Belfast (City & Intl), Birmingham, Bristol, Cardiff, Cork, Dublin, Exeter, Galway, Leeds, London (numerous), Manchester, Paris and many others. 
Long distance bus & train
Trains from southern & midland England into Scotland are regular and frequent, and connect well with other services from Kernow and Cymru. (nb: Direct services from Cardiff to Edinburgh are available.) Normally these go to Edinburgh and Glasgow, but some continue to Inverness and the north. Main operators are Virgin and GNER.
For "braver" people it is possible to travel into Scotland by long distance bus. This option is cheap, but strenuous! Buses leave various big English cities for Edinburgh and Glasgow every day.

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